How To Know When Your Dog Has Fleas

Fleas are a big problem for many pet owners. People that have dogs need to keep an eye on their pets to make sure they do not become infested. There are some ways on how to know when your dog has fleas so the problem can be treated right away. Now, let’s take a look at theĀ most effective flea treatment.

Bath Time

If there is suspicion of fleas a person should give their dog a bath in the bathtub. While bathing the dog keep the drain clogged. Once the dog is out of the water check it closely. If there a little black spots in the water this could be the fleas.


If the dog is constantly itching be sure to check their fit. Divide the fur and take a good look. Fleas will run in the opposite direction that the fur is being divided into. Fleas will appear to be dark brown or black spots. They are easier to spot on lighter colored dogs so if the dog has dark fur be sure to check it extra closely. Fleas like to live on specific areas of the dog. Be sure to check their areas and behind extra closely as this is the preferred areas for the fleas.

Squish It

If a person sees a small bug on their dog or in their home they should try to squish it. Fleas do not squish. If a person has to apply a lot of pressure and nothing is happening than it can be fleas. In order to get rid of the flea you are going to have to flush it. Also vacuum the home and then get rid of the contents immediately so fleas do not jump out of the vacuum.

These are just some ways that a person can tell if their dog has fleas. Fleas are a serious problem and any suspecting of these pests should be handled right away before they become a major problem. Here’s theĀ best flea treatment for cats.