Burberry Watch Sport

Burberry Watch Sport models are excellently designed, rugged watches that mean what they say when advertised as “Sports” timepieces. Some timepieces say sports but only have water resistance and perhaps luminosity. Many even have leather bands, which are easily ruined in water.

There are three Burberry Men’s Sports Watches featured here, that are noteworthy to take a look at for Burberry fans and those seeking a real, true-to-life, functional, sports watch.

First, is the Burberry Men’s Watch Sport Endurance Chronograph (BU7713) watch. This sports watch is a perfect blend of pure sports watch and gorgeous design. The case, bezel, and dial are all an excellent grey color that perfectly complements the yellow accents of two crowns, the sub dial hands, and the yellow second hand. The grey bezel is textured with four “rivets” and the dial face is two toned, with a central grey and an outer textured, grey ring that houses the hour and second markers.


The pop of yellow is what really makes this model work as a great looking sports watch. As far as its features, the grey strap is made of rubber and the case is a durable stainless steel. The Quartz movement is long lasting and water resistance is up to 100 meters (330 ft), which is an excellent overall design for sports and those who spend a lot of time around water, working out, playing sports, and sweating click here.


The retail price for this Burberry Men’s Sport Endurance Chronograph BU7713 model is $575, but you can find it online for around $428.

Second, is the Burberry Sport Chronograph Black Dial Red Rubber Men’s Watch (BU7706). This stylish timepiece makes for a great sports watch with the design, materials, and color that makes it a fun look with fully functional sports capabilities.


This timepiece is made with a stainless steel casing, a textured stainless steel bezel, and a Swiss made Quartz movement. Protected by a scratch resistant mineral dial window, this Burberry is ideal for sports and active wearers. With a water resistance of 100 meters (330 ft), this Sports watch is great for those who are around water, who work out and are very active.

One of the best parts of this Chronograph is the bold red rubber band, which is fully waterproof and perfectly complements the red accents on the dial face. The dial face itself is black with black subdials and white indices. Combined with the white hour and minute hands and a knurled-texture stainless steel bezel and case, the fresh design is a great look. The red strap is not the only accent of this piece–two of the three crowns on the right hand side of the case are red, as are the three sub dial hands and the main second hand click here.

This timepiece by Burberry retails for around $495, but you can find it online for $390.

Last, but not least, is the Burberry Endurance Sport Black Chronograph Men’s Watch (BU7701). For those who like a darker look with a very cool Sports vibe, this is a great model. The case material is a special black ionized stainless steel and the watch movement is Swiss Quartz.

The black dial face features the standard analog dial display complete with a mix of white dial hands and white hour indices. The red accents include three sub dial hands and a thin seconds hand. The black bezel is textured (knurled), as are the three crowns. The bezel is complete with four “rivets,” which completes the porthole look.

The black rubber strap is perfect for use in water, and the 100 meter (330 ft) water resistance will ensure that this is no problem. This model is also a bit more luxurious than other similar models. Rather than mineral, this Burberry Endurance sports watch uses an anti-reflective Sapphire Crystal to protect the dial. This makes for a clear and beautiful look. Features include a stationary calendar at the 4 o’clock position, Chronograph, and a stainless steel buckle on the rubber strap for optimal protection.

This is a very popular Burberry Sport model and retails for $575. You can find it for around $400 if you search around online.

Burberry Sports Watches are timepieces that border between medium and luxury. The design is true to its word, offering a porthole style bezel and water-friendly rubber straps and a great water resistance.