A Frugal Guide to Electric Pencil Sharpeners

sharpen pencilsFor those of us just not willing to spend over twenty or thirty dollars on a pencil sharpener, it can be easy to assume that we’ll forever be locked out of the electric pencil sharpener market. With a bit of digging around the net; however, you’ll find that, despite our unwillingness to throw a lot of money down on a new sharpener, there are actually quite a few options for us.

As with anything, you can’t expect the same features in a five dollar product as you could a forty dollar product. But, for the frugal who just want something cheap and basic, this isn’t such a bad thing. Here are, in no particular order, some of the cheapest pencil sharpeners on the market with a high degree of quality relative to products of around the same price range.

1. Westcott iPoint Ball Battery Pencil Sharpener

According to SharperthePoint, for those looking for the cheapest of cheap electric pencil sharpeners, look no further than this Westcott model. Battery operated, it is extremely portable (somewhat owing to its low price) and is just a great overall unit to carry around in your pocket. It receives generally favorable reviews due to its well above average value. Relative to other pencil sharpeners of its price, the iPoint is quite durable and is sure to last quite some time after its purchase.

2. Sonline Electric Pencil Sharpener

Another portable, battery-operated pencil sharpener, the Sonline comes in a variety of different colors and looks quite similar to a manual unit. It operates quietly, it’s very lightweight, it has a very large capacity for pencil shavings relative to its overall size and it gets the job done all at as low as under seven dollars. What more could you ask for in a pencil sharpener?

3. TOOGOO(R) Electric Pencil Sharpener

This particular model is essentially an exact replica of the Sonline. Both share the same features, price and pros and cons. If you settle on one of these two sharpeners but for some reason are unable to acquire it, you may as well settle for the other of the two; aside from being made by a different company, you won’t even be able to tell the difference.

4. TOOGOO(R) USB Electric Flashing LED Pencil Sharpener

It seems these guys know how to make a quality product. What sets this unit apart from others is that a built-in light flashes upon its use. What makes this unit great is that it works almost seamlessly. While the best electric pencil sharpener on a budget may tend to have a hard time cutting through pencils at an anything-but-slow rate, this model breaks that trend and delivers a quality product. It’s worth noting that, relative to other products within its price range, this particular electric pencil sharpener reviews receives some of the most consistently positive ones.

5. KINGSO Colorful Flashing USB Pencil Sharpener

Again, this product is the exact same as the one above, though made by a completely different company. If you like one of these two products but are unable to obtain it for whatever reason, why not go with the other? It receives positive reviews and gets the job done just fine.